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Rab in winter and low season

For the cultural/ travel orientated, Rab just like most places along the croatian coast and islands, lives a different tranquil life off the main summer rush.
Blessed with a mild climate even during the winter months, island Rab is a great destination to visit all year offers relaxation from bussy urban life, pleasant walks outdoors and visiting historical sights without summer crowds.

Rab has perfect weather if you appreciate the great outdoors; biking or trekking. Best time to visit Rab is late autmun/early spring and if you want something unusual and spectacular - february and march to experience famous bura wind. December is usually much warmer than rest of the continental Europe and temperatures are arround 13-16 degrees celsius.

Winter on Rab, here’s why:
1. Fewer tourists. This is a big one.
The old town opf Rab is very small and during winter season almost deserted, which makes it a perfect scenary for wandering the streets and walls. When sunny ( and that is often) one can also enjoy the winter sun on the sheltered promenade just bellow the town walls. This time of the year offers pristine serenity and space to truely enjoy the sights. At ease, with time for everything.
2. Cheaper. Except for the Christmas-New Year’s period when Croatians head to their Adriatic pearl, Rab hotel rates or private accommodation are up to 40% cheaper in winter but since only a few are open timely booking is required. Therefore, you'd need to make sure you have a place to stay in advance so conntact us and book on time.
3. More authentic. Without the rush of tourists, you can appreciate the place as a living, breathing island, not a mass tourism hotspot. The cafes are filled with locals and there is a number of local gatherings.
4. Local Festivals. Participating in Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Rab can be a wonderfully festive way to experience local culture and liven up the winter months. Except winter holiday season there is a review of the “Rabske vedute” klapa ensembles, Day of walking and a Bread Day in October; Rab trekking in November, St. Nicolas seamen day  beggining of December month culminating with Christmas concerts and N.Y. celebrations from morning-to-morning. Beginning of the next year starts with local carnivals, then Easter celebrations and spring festivals for the beginning of the new tourist season. Rab has a lively artistic and musical communities and there are different occassions throughout the year when one can enjoy different concerts and art-shows. Last sunday in April are "Krizi" local religouse pilgrim for health and goodness and the nicest month of them all is of copurse, blossoming May, when we also celebrate Rab town's day (09.05.)

 bura and snow on the peaks of Velebit, here +18 C.

swans winter stay december, 2010

- Last sunday in April - local pilgrimage KRIZI / Crucifixes - held annualy since 16ct.Veza

Except local carnival events during the winter on a local parties in villages arround the island and with the final carnival parade before lent - Rab is also known for it's 500 yrs old Crucifixes procession.

Spring brings wonderful flowers and warm weather for lng walks and enjoyments in discovering various island landscapes or day-excursions.

For overseas arrivals outside summer season, the easiest way is landing at Zagreb airport and getting a public transport to Rab or conntact us for organising a transfer. Like many destinations along the Croatian coast, Rab does not have a regular flights since the nearest Krk or Zadar airports operate only during the tourist season April - October .. However, Zagreb is only 3,5h away.  Just conntact us on time to organise your accommodation ( and a  transfer if you preffer) and that's it.

To organise your accommodation, check best accommodations page and please conntact us in time; there are limited resources in hotels and in private acommodations since most are orientated to seasonal work.

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