Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Island itinerary

Pray that the holidays are long
that the sunny mornings are many,
when with such pleasure, with such joy
Rab reveals its happy face.

When there, do not rush
get to know the hidden corners
browse slowly through the labyrinth
of the new shores and bellevues

Open senses and find that portal
of frankincense and calm.
Peek into the past being present,
awake the feeling of enlightenment

Take Alice as companion
and wander the inner plains
notice that rosemary in bloom
and the dew on its petals

On return stop at the local market
and purchase some fine wares:
mother-of-pearl, coral, amber and gold,
and sensual fragrances of all kinds.

Play with the habits, dissmis the expectations
emerge into the new horizons of taste
pause and enjoy your glass of wine with a friend
celebrating the glory of the happy moment

Thank for the holidays at dusk
for the many happy smiles,
and then, with such pleasure and joy
reveal your refreshed true self.


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