Thursday, 22 July 2010

Rab Entertainment & Clubbing


At its early tourism days Rab was known for its classy visitors and slow-going outings fitting early 20 ct. and the lifestyle of that time; slick strolls along the promenade and fancy dinners at the stylish local restaurants.

Later on with the development of destination and its tourist capacities, the main entertainment venues in 50-ties & 60-ties were famous terrasse shows; from miss tourism evening, miss naturism, magician show or dalmatian evenings to open air summer balls or dancing evenings in the 60-ties.

In 70-ties and 80-ties Rab had a vivid club scene arround 'White Horse', 'Sanda' and 'Tropica' bars and excellent DJ scene. Rab visitors from those years as well as locals surely remember crazy and fancy club scene until the early morning hours... Local boys were still 'hunting', guy scene was intense, nights were hot.
I was then a young teen but still remember excellent outing and clubbing scene . At those times Sanda was 'the quier place', a must at evenings for all guy and transsex-population, with excellent outbursts and fashion show- offs. What a better place to start a young partylife...
Nowdays Sanda fits to mainstream rock-pop inn with an art-touch and there are no strict places in respect to sex orientated public. Everything mellowed into the same pot.

Present day nighlife

In comparison to crazy 70ties and 80ties; Rab is nowdays reduced to poorer night scene, so it is not your best choice if you are into harder club-scene ( see page for top party destinations for season 2008). Seriouse clubbers are better off in neighbouring Zrce in Novalja, island Pag so no wonder many islanders as well as tourists journey with catamaran to Zrce in the early evenings and are back in the early morning hours...

On Rab there are just a few clubbing places to go to nowdays; a San Antonio Club in town Rab on Municipium Square with juggling barmens and slow motion terrasse scene until the crowds depart to their outlet Santos beach club on Pudarica beach for night long partying in the hot summer atmosphere. Bus transport organised.
In town there is a "Vox" caffe and disco at the riva, with party nights and rock concerts.
On regular basis popular with younger partybreakers. The rest in town is a pub-scene.

Places of interest in town or near-by;
Bar "Forum" in the Lower street - an easy going mainstream-rock scene with theme eve's.
Pub 'Le Journal' trived on its old glory to get closed in 2008. - maybe they'll refresh and re-open.

Beach pub 'Banova vila' on the promenade bellow town walls - excellent hang out with occassional live music ( jazz, rock, funk) for cool public.

New spot; escape lounge bar in hotel rab in the port. flashy, to- be- seen- at- scene.

Lopar: "Tropical" in San Marino for good party dancing.

Hang-out points:

- 'Buza' bar at the beginning of Middle Street, popular place for a outing-break and a quick snack
- Caffe bar Sanda for a morning cappucino or evening fizz.
- Beach bar "Banova villa" bellow the town by the sea for afternoon chill or summer night jamm.

- Hotel Arbiana terrasse with quality live-music events ( jazz, evergreen, pop, slow) and lounge music.
- town Rab: summer cocktail bar terrasses, "Little caffe", "Celestina", Santa Maria pub

Yearly event; Rub Summer Festival - - 2-3 days open- air concerts first half of August. Exact dates vary from year to year . Check tourist info for details.

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